Solar energy has massive potential for utilization in this sector due to the high energy demand
of industrial and commercial entities. Punjab Solar provides customized solutions to clients in
this sector based on their energy portfolio and infrastructure. It is of utmost importance to
understand the dynamics and requirements of clients falling in this sector, so that the solution
provided to them is fully optimized and designed to the highest level of performance.

Punjab Solar has worked with esteemed industrial and commercial clients, offering them solutions
that fall in the following categories:
1. Solar solutions for operating specific and critical load throughout the year along with
energy storage
2. Solar solutions for reducing energy consumption from the grid

Another globally used facility, “net-metering”, is commonly implemented at the commercial and
industrial level in Pakistan. Net-metering was introduced in Pakistan in 2015, whereby end
users are able to sell excess energy from the solar system back to the grid. This excess may be
available in two circumstances:

a) If your energy consumption is lower at any time of the day/month/year than the
produced energy by the solar system

b) If the energy consumption is completely “off”, for example, when on holidays, all the
energy produced by the solar system will be fed to the grid

The amount of excess energy “exported” to the grid can be viewed on the monthly electricity bill.
(Please see your local DISCO guidelines for net-metering to know all about it).